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How to Order Packaging for your Product Online (2019)

In this modern age, buying your bulk packaging supplies online is now easier than ever. In just a few simple steps you can order everything you need and have it delivered to your business in no time at all. Here at Springpack Direct, when you order before 2pm you’re guaranteed next day delivery, however, if you order slightly after this time we’ll do our very best to fit your order into the earliest delivery so you’ll receive your products promptly.


Why Buy Packaging Online?

While the familiarity of ordering through email or over the phone can be appealing it’s far more convenient to order packaging supplies online.


By ordering your packaging products through our website not only will you have easy access to each and every product we sell, making it easy to discover brand new solutions for your products, but all the information you need about our services such as delivery, bulk pricing and stockholding is right in front of you.


You’ll also be able to order any time that’s suitable for you and can change the delivery address/add a new address without any hassle, saving you valuable time and allowing your products to be easily delivered to whichever site you need them for.


When you log into your account you’ll be able to see all the previously ordered products, along with the prices, to ensure you choose the correct item and with a click of a button, you can re-order a previous order. If required we can also set up more than one user per online account, so that more than one person can place packaging orders online.



What to consider when Buying Packaging Online

With the vast range of packaging on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose exactly what you need. Our friendly and highly knowledgeable team can help you make the right choices when it comes to buying your packaging supplies online.


In this short guide, you’ll see the key things to consider when buying packaging online.


  1. Shape, Size a​nd Design – Think about your product, the size and weight of it, how fragile it is and what shape it is to decide on the correct packaging to use. We sell an enormous range of packaging that’s sure to cater to your needs and our website has been designed to help you easily find what you’re looking for, with specific categories for each type of packaging.
  2. Cost-effective – When it comes to ordering online you want to make sure you’re getting the best value for money. If you find you’re spending over £1000 a month on packaging materials we can help achieve significant savings off this spend without ever compromising on the quality.
  3. Storage – If you’re in need of bulk packaging materials but do not have the capacity to store them, we can keep stock of items for clients in our warehouse. These can then be dispatched as necessary for you when you need them.


By purchasing packaging products online you have a vast amount of choice to ensure you’re getting the perfect solution. We can assure you that our dedication to quality, service excellence and big savings for our customers will make ordering online worthwhile. Take a look at some of the fantastic reviews left by our customers on Trustpilot.



Where Can I Buy Packaging Online?

At Springpack Direct, we offer an extensive range of packaging materials, including protective packaging, cardboard cartons and cases, strapping, tapes and adhesives, polythene packaging, packing room equipment and even janitorial and PPE.


If your product is a unique shape or size we can offer a bespoke packaging solution specifically designed to protect your product. Once we’ve discussed your requirements we’ll design your packaging, occasionally with the company logo/branding while keeping costs to a minimum. We’ll then send out a sample to ensure you’re 100% happy and then get the items made for you and can supply it from stock for your convenience. From bespoke boxes to personalised packing tape, we’ve got it covered. For more information read our Packaging Specials process article.


Before ordering your packaging supplies online register for an account with us. This will then make ordering online in the future even quicker as items that you have bought from us previously will appear in the ‘Your Products’ tab and will include your special customer pricing.



When to Order Packaging Online

We’re proud to say that 98% of our packaging products are delivered in full on time, so you can be confident in our speedy delivery service. As mentioned previously, when you place your order before 2pm we can offer same day dispatch and you’re guaranteed next day delivery on stock items.


For bespoke products, depending on the nature of the product, whether it’s a complex cardboard box or a special size of polyethene bag, the lead time could be between 1-3 weeks. Contact us on 0800 651 0110 or email us at [email protected] to confirm the times for a particular specials item you require and our excellent team will endeavour to help and advise.



How to Buy Packaging Online

Ordering packaging online couldn’t be easier. Simply register for your account, once set up your login details will be sent to you. Then log in, browse the extensive range of products, choose the items perfectly suited to your needs and place your order as you would on any online store.


If you have any questions or need more information about ordering bulk packaging supplies online our team are always happy to help, just give us a call on 01905 457 000 or send an email to [email protected]

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