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All about Strapping!

All about Strapping!


Strapping is widely used in the packaging industry to stabilize, amalgamate and fasten loads to ensure the safe transportation of goods from one place to another.


Steel strapping is the oldest strapping system and due to its robust nature is used for substantial loads as it has a high break strength. It is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses. It is sold by weight rather than length like other methods of strapping, this is due to the expansion and contraction of steel in the manufacturing process.


Polypropylene strapping is most commonly used for light to medium weight loads. Hand strapping is wound on a plastic reel and machine strapping has a cardboard core.


Polyester strapping (also known as PET strapping) can also achieve very high break strength like steel strapping. Many choose this option as it is light weight, easy to handle and flexible. This product can be custom printed to order, to help promote your brand/

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