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How to save on...Cardboard Boxes.

How to save on...Cardboard Boxes.


As we all know, cardboard pricing has risen, and is set to rise further - if you are struggling with these increasing costs, be assured that you are not alone!

Box Material: The vast majority of boxes are made from kraft paper.  As the increase in kraft paper has taken place, the gap between kraft and recycled (TL2 and testliner) has also widened.  The recycled option is definitely a worthy consideration as it provides the same benefits/strength etc. as Kraft, but it does not adversley affect performance in any way.

Quantity Price Breaks: By ordering a larger quantity of boxes, you will more or less be guaranteed a better price per item and overall - please ask us for the next price break when you next order.

Product Placement: A great way to save money on boxes is to use one size of box where you may have previously used two different sizes of boxes for different products.  A simple way to achieve this, is by rearranging the way items are placed in the boxes.  This would mean that you will only be purchasing one size of box but a larger quantity, which means that you may well be guaranteed a better price!

For any further advise or help on how we can help with meting your requirements, please do contact us.

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