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Product Focus - Megastretch Hand Palletwrap

Product Focus - Megastretch Hand Palletwrap


Megastretch palletwrap is a truly versatile product used for wrapping and stabilising goods onto pallets.

The film is available in a wide variety of gauge thicknesses, with excellent puncture-resistant properties.  It is available in clear, black, white, red and blue in colour which is an added benefit when aiding pallet differentiation.

When selecting the megastretch best suited to your requirements, you can choose between cast or blown palletwrap, and extended core or standard core.  With a standard roll, this can be used on a hand-held palletwrap dispenser, which is light and easy to use.  By selecting the corect gauge of film, it is possible possible to securely wrap almost any weight, shape or size of pallet.

We keep a large stock of various specifications of megastretch - contact us for product advice, and best prices for your usage.

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