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What does Customer Service mean to you?

What does Customer Service mean to you?


Customer Service – how do you visualise this, and implement it accordingly?  We all know from our own personal experience that when we feel cared for as a customer it makes us feel valued, and we are keen to return to that company and use their products/services again.  Excellence is customer service is crucial to enable your business to progress in many areas, and each team member plays a part in it.  This week, the team contributed to what they think promotes excellence in customer service - read on to see what we came up with;

·         Phone Answered within two rings

·         A positive, helpful, can-do attitude and a willingness to serve others

·         A guaranteed call back when necessary

·         A quick, efficient turn around on quotes

·         Keeping the customer informed about their order i.e. delivery date/any delays etc.

·         Being a good listener - listen to the customer’s needs, and advise effectively

·         Always try to find a way to say yes – there is most always an alternative

·         Exceed customer expectations and go the extra mile– there are no traffic jams on the extra mile!

·         Familiarity with your customer – treating them like a friend, taking an interest in them and how they are doing

·         Be focused – when talking to the customer, ensure that your focus is entirely on them – engage with them, give them your full attention and concentrate on providing the best-suited solution for their needs

·        Be proactive and keep the customer informed of any order updates/information - even if the news is not so good.

·         Be thankful.  Gratitude towards the customer, in the form of a simple ‘Thank you for your order’ goes a long way.  Simple, but meaningful, and shows that you value your customer.

·       Empathy, patience and consistency

·         Lastly - SMILE!  So simple, so infectious and so positive!  A smile can be heard even when talking on the phone, and is such a mood lifter for the recipient, and yourself!


The above are just a few notable points that encourage positive relations with customers and within teams, and help your customer feel valued and appreciated.  

We would love to hear what customer service means to you, and any tips/ideas you have for providing customer service excellence - please drop an email to [email protected]


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