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Meet the team dedicated to service excellence

With over 40 years experience, our expert team know packaging inside out! They can tell you the difference between void fill and loose fill and steer you in the right direction when faced with any challenge. It's time to put the face to the name with our team of packaging pros.


As founder and CEO of Springpack, Laurence oversees the general smooth running of the company, with particular responsibility for financial and legal matters and guiding the development of the company. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, and collecting and tasting new wines.


As Managing Director, Jerry’s role means he gets plenty of variety ranging from recruitment to managing sites, as well as assisting in day to day decisions that have to be made within the company. In his own words; ‘The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that I have a very trustworthy, loyal team that I know will perform to the required standard whether I am in the office or away on business for a week’. His favourite pastime is spending time with his wife and two girls at weekends whether it be out cycling or visiting a local country show, they always have plenty of fun. Something you didn’t know about Jerry? He always used to win the 100m sprint when he was at school!


Holly is a key point of contact for customer enquiries. She processes packaging quotes, and maintains and develops relationships with customers. Her favourite part of the job is hitting target, and solving customer enquiries! Shopping and socialising with friends and family is what Holly enjoys most. Something you didn’t know about Holly? She used to compete in high jump for the County!


Mervyn enjoys a new challenge every day and plays an important part in the sales team by supporting the sales executives, fulfilling important tasks such as sending out new enquiries, and specifying the grade of samples etc. Entertaining friends and family, along with enjoying wine are his favourite pastimes. Something you didn’t know about Mervyn? He enjoys gardening!


Dean has been a crucial part of Springpack for many years, and he plays a vital role, ensuring that orders are delivered correctly and complete to a large number of customers each day – the favourite part of his job is meeting the customers. In his spare time, Dean enjoys swimming and cycling. Something you didn’t know about Dean? He used to be a salesman for a frozen food firm.


As Sales Director, James is responsible for Sales, Customer Service and Marketing - achieving all targets and offering a great customer experience. In his spare time, James enjoys playing and watching Football - in his own words; 'Football is my passion'! Something you didn't know about James? He also has a passion for food, and loves to eat at Michelin star restaurants!


Justin is the bespoke box maker at Springpack, ensuring boxes of numerous shapes and sizes are made and completed by the date required, and to the highest standard. His favourite part is dealing with the day to day challenges of the role. Days out with family, TV, PlayStation/call of duty are his favourite pastimes. Something you didn’t know about Justin? He can fit 43 whole Maltesers in his mouth in one go, and he says he’s cleverer than he looks!


Amy oversees all marketing projects within the company, and the part of her job she enjoys most is taking a new idea and seeing it through to completion – be it an e-shot, campaign or internal event. When taking time out she enjoys being in the countryside, running and enjoys singing. Something you didn’t know about Amy? She can play the alto saxophone!


Ian’s job as Warehouse Manager involves keeping the warehouses in order, and ensuring orders are picked correctly and ensuring orders are delivered on time – his favourite part of the job being problem solving. In his spare time, Ian likes to go mountain biking and enjoys watching ice hockey. Something you didn’t know about Ian? In a previous job, he once worked 58 hours straight!


Ginny is Customer Service Team Leader, and she is focused on giving all of our customers a first class service at all times, and knowing that we have achieved and continue to develop this provides her with complete job satisfaction. In her spare time, Ginny enjoys taking care of her two old Labradors, and likes reading, gardening, cooking (and eating!) nice food! Something you didn’t know about Ginny? She played netball at County level!


Dan’s role of Sales Executive involves addressing customers’ needs and helping customers save on their packaging spend. The favourite part of his job is visiting customers, and fulfilling their requirements. In his free time, he enjoys taking his wife and children out and spending time with them, enjoys a good game of cricket, and occasionally enjoys an hour or two of gardening. Something you didn’t know about Dan? He likes a good glass of cognac or three with a splash of coke!


Patsy’s job involves overseeing the accounts/credit control, and allocating payments within the company. When taking time out she enjoys walks, especially in the countryside. Something you didn’t know about Patsy? She passed her driving test at the first attempt!


Darby works in purchasing, and is involved in order placing and following up, and his favourite part of the job is keeping things running smoothly and up to speed. His favourite pastime is technology and computer science. Something you didn’t know about Darby? For 16 years he lived in a town of 2,500 people in Canada!


Maria is the admin manager, ensuring smooth running of the I.T. systems and accounting processes. The part of her job she enjoys most is helping other people out when they have a problem, which she finds very rewarding. Maria has a large collection of all different types of books, so it’s no surprise that her favourite pastime is reading! Something you didn’t know about Maria? She used to go to trampoline classes with ‘Eddie the Eagle’!


Doug is responsible for the development of new business, and is always looking for opportunities to help solve customers’ requirements – his favourite part of the job is presenting to customers, and successfully helping them come on board. In his spare time, Doug enjoys countryside walking, camping, cooking outdoors and enjoys a little bit of rock and roll – in his own words; ‘I should have been an animal!’ Something you didn’t know about Doug? He enjoys travelling to other countries and meeting new people.


Cilla primarily assists the sales team in their day to day activities, along with a lot more different jobs! She enjoys helping out with IT issues – solving challenges is what she enjoys most! In her free time, Cilla enjoys anything practical – in her own words; ‘DIY…that’s me!’. Something you didn’t know about Cilla? She is outgoing when she gets to know people, loves a joke, expert at making and drinking tea – and always keeps a screwdriver in her drawer for those work emergencies!


Karl’s job as Sales Executive involves helping customers solve their packaging challenges, while ensuring they receive great service – he enjoys visiting customers, and joining in the occasional team banter in the office! Karl enjoys hiking in the lake district, likes travelling and has an interest in vintage cars. Something you didn’t know about Karl? Art and music (guitar playing) are his favourite relaxing subjects.


Georgina is the first point of contact for all customers within the company, be it transferring a call to sales, sorting an enquiry or taking an order. She enjoys building good relationships with customers, and assisting in solving any questions they may have. In her spare time, Georgina loves being out in the countryside discovering new places, especially when the sky is blue - in her own words, she's a; 'Countrysideaholic'! Something you didn't know about Georgina? She was once stranded in her primary school in a flood, and had to be carried out by firemen!


Sam’s job as Sales Executive involves looking after his customers, solving their problems and providing solutions to create a second to none service. In his spare time, Sam enjoys trying to keep up with his three boys, and loves a good laugh! Something you didn’t know about Sam? He enjoys cooking, especially if it involves a BBQ – he owns 5 of them!


Gary works in the warehouse, to ensure orders are picked and ready to go out on the lorries, and arranging stock, he enjoys working with a great team! In his spare time, he enjoys motorcycle racing. Something you didn’t know about Gary? He used to breed grand champion Burmese cats!


As Purchasing Director, Carlene negotiates with our suppliers to ensure we can offer our customers the best prices. In her spare time, she enjoys creating fashion pieces, and travelling the globe. Something you didn't know about Carlene? She is double-jointed, and her favourite food is octopus!


Mike’s job as delivery driver means he is responsible for delivering customers order correctly and on time – his favourite part of the job is meeting new people. In his spare time he enjoys motorsport and cycling. Something you didn’t know about Mike? He used to race go karts!


Clive works in the warehouse team, and his favourite part of the job is picking orders, forklift driving and completing a busy day. In his free time, he enjoys walking the dog. Something you didn't know about Clive? He used to be a meat auctioneer.


Roy’s job as Assistant Sales Executive involves providing support for the sales team, and keeping in touch with customer’s to ensure their packaging needs are met – his favourite part of the job is interacting with the customers and building rapport with them. Roy has a passion for rugby and…pork pies! Something you didn’t know about Roy? He once broke both of his thumbs at the same time!